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Click for larger map.Hidden in the Pacific Northwest may lie the key to one of the most intriguing mysteries of our time. It's secret is secured within the great region surrounding the remote Mt. Adams wilderness in Washington state. To the northeast lies the Yakima Indian Reservation, spanning some 400 sq. miles. It is also near here that Kenneth Arnold made history 54 years ago in 1947, after landing his small plane at the Yakima airport, to announce he had witnessed a formation of 'saucer' shaped objects flying south along the Cascade range. This moment is said to have heralded the modern age of UFOlogy and the 'flying saucer'.
Since that moment the UFO mystery has become one of the most controversial and dynamic enigmas ever to face humanity. One that would indeed challenge the very core of our deepest belief systems, based within Science and Religion. "Plausible deniability" has ruled the day, while mainstream society has been guided to turn a blind eye along the way.
Yet, a small contingent of private individuals and organizations throughout the world continue to uncover and archive all related evidence, and investigate all new cases. They operate sometimes in stealth, but almost always with a common motive in mind: to uncover the truth and educate the public. Psi APPLICATIONS is one such organization.
smeilogo1.jpg (8215 bytes)In the midst of all this controversy is an individual named James Gilliland, who lives in Trout Lake, Washington, just southwest of Mt. Adams. He is what's known as an "experiencer or contactee" in our trade, and has had ongoing encounters, sightings, and experiences with the Mt. Adams enigma.
James Gilliland himself embodies the meaning of "controversy", as he shares his message of a benevolent E.T. contact, Universal spirituality, ecological reconciliation, and acceptance of assistance from these advanced intelligences. He has formed the Self-Mastery Earth Institute at his ranch, which serves these common themes and is the author of Becoming Gods, A Reunion With Source and Becoming Gods II.
Psi APPLICATIONS presents the factual findings from its ongoing investigation of this dynamic case. Relevant documentation and expanded information are linked for the reader's review. Video clips of recent activity at the ranch are also included. The full case file report, documentation, and associated video series can be accessed at the following link: Gilliland / Mt. Adams Investigation.
I will then offer my analysis and opinion on the case and the building controversy surrounding it. Some who are familiar with this case are growing into a state of denial, beginning to refute their own experience, eyewitness accounts, and all other evidence and documentation that substantiates it. This appears to be motivated by their fear of dealing with something unacceptable, or by the need to fulfill their own agenda. This has occurred many times before within the history of UFOlogy’s fractured investigative community. I offer this detailed report to establish the truth of the phenomenon’s existence, regardless of any personal beliefs, interpretations, or agendas others may be serving.
I will show how this case shares a common ground with significant research conducted on the Yakima Reservation from 1972 to 1984. One of these studies was ordered by one of the most respected scientists and researchers in the field, the late honorable Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He realized the significance of numerous UFO encounter reports that were occurring in the area.
Greg Long wrote a series of articles in the MUFON UFO Journal back in the early 80's. In one article, Dr. Hynek stated, "I had not been aware of the scope of the UFO activity in the Yakima region. I knew, of course, about the wandering nocturnal lights and have received from time to time accounts of those from Mr. Vogel. Clearly the Yakima Indian Reservation does constitute a remarkable area for major study of the UFO phenomenon."[i]
According to Dr. Hynek's classification system, 75% of the UFO activity in this case would be of the Nocturnal Lights (N.L.) type. In his system, this is the first classification of the first division "Distant Sightings".  The basic definition of an NL is - anomalous light activity in the night sky, not readily observed as a physical object. NL's form one of the largest groups of "true" UFO reports, yet may easily be dismissed as insignificant unless a few filters are applied. According to Dr. Hynek, "In the Nocturnal Lights category, in particular, we should admit for consideration only those cases reported by two or more stable observers, in which the reported behavior of the light and it's configuration and overall trajectory are such as to preclude by a large margin explanation as a simple misperception of natural objects." He goes on to assert, "After such a critical assessment is made, to dismiss such highly selected cases as being without merit or potential significance for physical or behavioral science is, at best, cavalier and irresponsible."[ii]
We believe this case far exceeds the expectations laid out by Dr. Hynek. In fact, the preponderance of the repeating activity in this case, sometimes even as a close range CE-I classification, creates the 'Ultimate Dynamo Prototype', that any serious researcher could possibly desire. Yet some who are familiar with this case are growing into a fast state of denial, refuting their own experiences, eyewitness accounts, and other associated documentation. This appears to be motivated either by their own fear of something unacceptable, or by the need to fulfill an agenda. The Commentary section of this article offer's my analysis over the this increasing controversy.
Researchers should realize this has occurred many times before within Ufology's fractured history. Therefore, I offer this unbiased report, to firmly establish the truth of this phenomenon's existence.  In fact, I will show how this current case compliments the former, by adding to its preexisting database and research. Additionally, I will show how this case's characteristics may even indicate a strong possibility of desired communication and contact on the phenomenon's behalf.
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mtadams_216.jpg (4697 bytes)The area surrounding the Mt. Adams region has a long history of anomalous activity, ranging from Sasquatch, strange lights, and UFOs

, to otherworldly beings.  Such phenomena are deeply entrenched within the folklore of the area.

This has also been recognized as fact, through the direct experiences of those in the Yakima Indian Reservation and surrounding vicinity throughout the early 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Hundreds of eyewitness reports of experiences with this phenomenon can be tracked across an entire spectrum of this community. This is evidenced by the past phone logs from the Yakima police and fire departments along with numerous impeccable reports from 3 different fire lookout towers which were in the area. Their job required reporting anything that was ‘out of the ordinary’ which could possibly pose a fire hazard.
One individual who deserves credit for the largest body of this trusted data was the late Willard (Bill) Vogel. Bill was the retired head of the Yakima Reservation forestry observers. He was considered to be a credible individual with 30 years of lead fire fighting service.
As Greg Long puts it, “two thirds of the sightings were reported by above-average, very reliable observers -- the fire lookouts.  Their lookouts observed UFO’s long before the early 1970’s when Vogel began attaching the UFO label to the objects.  Because the pre-1970 sightings were not prone to potentially prejudicial labeling, and the features of the earlier objects matched those of post-1970, the likelihood of the existence of a truly anomalous phenomenon--immune from any psychological contamination--is increased. Also, as practiced observers, the fire lookouts were capable of distinguishing inexplicable objects from familiar ones.”[iii]

yakimanewssm.jpg (7647 bytes)

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spar_newspprsm.jpg (11364 bytes)

Vogel’s own experiences with the phenomenon led him to set the precedent with the lookouts for accurate recording of any possible UFO phenomenon.  Vogel also happened to be an amateur photographer and had won several awards for his work.  Over time, he  began to acquire an impressive collection of slides of the anomalous lights he witnessed.  Eventually local publicity placed him as the centralized processing point for all reports which came in from the Reservation.  Vogel took this task very seriously, as he followed up each call in a rigorous fashion, interviewing the witnesses and logging pertinent information from their accounts.  This combined with his photos constituted a body of data that was of great value to serious studies soon to follow.
Here is an overview of the research and documentation which establishes the historic truth of this phenomenon as far back as 1958:
Ø C.U.F.O.S.' RESEARCH(J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies)
Dr. J. Allen Hynek spent the day meeting with Vogel and surveying the area in April of 1972.  That evening Hynek met with several of the lookouts and witnesses to assess the phenomenon.  When done, he stated that the level of UFO activity on the Reservation seemed the highest of any place he knew of at that time.[iv]iv] Vogel had caught Hynek’s initial interest with a letter giving an accounting of some of the more significant events that had occurred.  Here is one event I believe is extremely relevant to the case, that an unmistakable intelligence may be behind the spherical lights:
“Several years ago we were building a new lookout on the western end of Toppenish Ridge, and of course until construction was almost completed, it was difficult by looking at the site to tell just exactly what was being built—a lookout, radar site, or what.  The site was within the view of three other lookouts, and all three observed that during the construction period, and after construction crews had left towards evening, two or three orange-colored balls (size uncertain although they couldn’t have been too small to be so readily visible to lookouts located about 10 to 15 miles away) would be seen approaching the site from cross-country.  They would drop down to just above the ground and circle the building four or five times as if inspecting progress.  They would then move off again cross-country and disappear behind the hills.  At the time of these sightings, none of the lookouts was aware that the other lookouts were observing the same things.”[v]
A fellow by the name of David Akers volunteered to conduct the 3-year field study for CUFOS.   Akers was a highly qualified engineer who had been investigating UFO reports for APRO (Ariel Phenomenon Research Organization) in Washington state for several years.  He created his plan for the study, which included utilizing an array of sophisticated instruments APRO had available.
In depth information, along with Akers three reports (text version) for each year of the study, can be viewed in their entirety at  Akers Reports Page.  In the end, the study acquired a total of 55 reports, which were encoded into Akers custom designed “APDF” Data Base Program.  Because only 55 reports were compiled into the database Akers was not able to draw any conclusions about long-term trends.
However, Akers did make some limited conclusions throughout the study period which are worthy of note here.  These were based upon his own observations and experiences with the phenomenon, coupled with a cursory analysis of the limited data that did exist. Following is an overview of the points he made which are relevant to our investigation. [vi]
    There was indeed a N.L. phenomenon occurring within the study area.
    No conclusive evidence indicating extra-terrestrial origin. However, it was indeed highly unusual and strange – worthy of further study.
    Noted activity extended beyond N.L. category, to “other types of UFO phenomenon”.
    Behavior possibly shows awareness / intelligence beyond chance, in actions which seemed at avoiding documentation.
Greg Long has made one of the most informative assessments of this enigma.  He had been engaged in researching the Yakima reports for approximately 10 years, beginning in 1981.  As an associate of CUFOS, he had published his comprehensive final report, in the form of a book (out of print) on the subject, Examining The Earthlight Theory – The Yakima UFO Microcosm.
This is, by far, the most detailed monograph covering all aspects of the Yakima mysteries. It also provides details and insight into the nature of Akers work. Long broadens Akers' database with endless interviews and past case research. His focus was aimed at a serious reconsideration of ‘earthlight’ theories previously put forward by others. I found his work to be of extreme value in its relationship to the Psi App investigation, considering connections to a possible rebirth of a new "flap", or increase of activity in the Trout Lake area.
Some relevant conclusions that can be made from Long’s statistical analysis of 186 carefully selected reports, from 1958 to 1984, are as follows:
1)  Approximate Year Report Distribution
1972 highest year with 30+ reports
1975 and 1976 follow - 20-25 reports
1984 under 5
              2)  Daily Peak Times of Occurrence - 8PM to 12 Midnight.
              3)  General N.L. / UFO Characteristic
    Shape- 31% Definitive "Sphere"; 47% Luminous “Shapeless Form"
    Color Spheres - 50% Orange; 26% White
    Color Forms  - 25% Orange; 50%+ White or Other
    Motion - Reported as Hovered, then accelerated; Moved back & forth in straight lines; Initially appear moving in straight line then vanish in distance.
Around 1989 Long states, “Beginning in 1978, reports begin to diminish considerably.  In the past few years, UFO reports have virtually ceased.”  Expanded information on Long's work can be accessed at our full report in the Documentation & Evidence section.
Our Associate Investigator, Spar Giedeman, conducted his own investigation into the area's history.  His detailed report and images can be accessed at Giedeman’s Report Pages.    It contains an interview with Dorothy Strum who was a fire lookout for several decades.  She literally had hundreds of encounters with the lights and UFO’s over those years.
Spar was able to acquire a Special Access Permit which allowed him to camp for 2 weeks at the top of Satus Peak, where a strategic view existed for 50 miles in every direction.   Such access is rarely granted to non-residents,  because the Yakima officials consider their ground sacred and private. However, Spar gained their respect for his earnest desire to pursue research into the phenomenon.
He also succeeded in being granted a rare video interview with one of the Yakima Border Guards, John J.Swan.  Mr. Swan described hearing huge rumbling sounds coming from the Toppenish Ridge area from time to time, and the often-repeated sighting of a UFO that took off from the top of the ridge.
Spar was also granted a video interview with Yakima Police Sergeant Ken Hoptowit, who describes an encounter that several of the officers had one time.  As a part of this special presentation, we present this interview in its entirety. MPEG FORMAT

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The following is an excerpt from an interview we did with James on our documentary video "Contact At Mt. Adams":
Taking an example from "mainstream USA" some 20 years ago would have easily revealed one James Gilliland, President of Pro Realty Management, located in Placenta, California.  Though not a total skeptic, UFO's and Spiritual matters were the furthest thing from his mind as he continued on his material pursuits.  One day while body surfing off the coast of California a huge 25 foot sneaker wave took everyone by surprise.  James was hit by this tremendous force and taken down by the tremendous undertow caused by the wave.  His struggle to survive was futile as a dislocated shoulder and collapsed lung forced him into surrendering to death.  James was about to embark on what is known as an N.D.E. (Near Death Experience).
There is a vast body of data and research on NDEs validating this as a real phenomenon.  One of the most notable researchers in this field is Dr. Raymond Moody. He currently holds the prestigious 'Bigelow Chair of Consciousness Studies' position at the University of Nevada.  In terms of NDE cases, a study of this data reveals James' experience as rare and unique.   A typical NDE experience involves traveling through a 'tunnel' drawn toward a beckoning light far off in the distance.  Then one encounters a 'crossing or border' where a 'being of light' communicates that this is a point of no return, and that crossing over represents full death of the physical body.  This is usually where NDE experiencers reverse course and return to life.
However, for James it was quite different.  In an instant, he shot straight through the tunnel, over the border and into the light.  It is here, a timeless encounter with "The Source" would forever change his life.  A telepathic communication transpired between James and the Source as he attempted to understand just what was occurring.  His non-physical conscious awareness (soul?) was so moved by this exchange that he desired to come back into life and be of service to the Source.  This experience made James plainly see a world struggling to survive, consumed in its own deception and conflict, a place where hard science and antiquated faiths could not intermix. He perceived this to be a major factor in preventing our evolution as a species.  James desired to share this paradoxical truth of an all-loving non-judgmental God, which he felt could unleash the unlimited potential that existed within everyone.  Suddenly a wave tossed James back upon the sands of time where his newfound life would be far from typical.  James was about to find out just how difficult his mission would be.
A super sensitivity and awareness, which he was totally unfamiliar with, prevented him from functioning in the day-to-day tasks of his former life.  He existed in a state of 'psychic shock' as he struggled to sort out all the noise in his head.   Within 3 weeks, James either sold or transferred all he owned and moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains to find silence and solace.  There he embarked on a 10-year path of study and training with various esoteric schools and masters, such as the Tibetan Foundation.  It was here that he was initiated and certified as a "Channel for Highest Consciousness and Energy".  He honed his psychic and telepathic abilities into a gift that could be used in accordance with his mission.  See James Certificates Page.
According to James, he learned this inner guidance quite well and telepathed with the ethereal spirits of many masters within various religious faiths.  Ezekiel (Cazekiel) was one such spirit.  He was able to discern his connection as real through the strange circumstances that would occur in synchronicity.  James felt a massive change was to occur in his life, as he kept having visions of mountain scenery representing his future home.   Unfamiliar with any such place in California, he employed his 'divining' talents by using a pendulum over a US map to see what he could find.  Eventually he triangulated onto Trout Lake in Washington state.  Then he simply dismissed the notion, since he had no desire to move out of California where he had lived his entire life.
Several months later, changes within his life led him to accept a job offer in Hood River, Oregon.  At first he deemed it a temporary move, and thought that in the process he might gain a fresh new perspective.  He was amazed when he came to realize that Trout Lake was only 40 miles across Hood River to the north.  Realizing his vision was close to reality, he explored available properties in the area to see what he could find.  Eventually he found his current location, and with an instant 'knowing' he purchased the property, relocated, and settled in within 1 year.  From 1987 to 1993, James focused on living within his spiritual disciplines and developing a better understanding of what his newfound mission was all about.
bridgehouse.jpg (39525 bytes)In 1993, while in a deep meditation inside the "Bridge House" (his home), James began to receive messages from an unfamiliar source.  When he asked where this was coming from he perceived a reply, “from a ‘ship’ above you.”  James was taken by surprise by this, for his previous contacts had always been with ethereal spirits.   He ended the meditation abruptly, wondering if he had finally gone off the deep end and was losing it.  Suddenly, he heard a pounding knock at the door.   As he opened it, he was shocked to find his sister and her friend exclaiming they had just seen a "flying saucer" hovering over the Bridge House.  It was at this point in our interview that James stated, "I realized then, I had to own it!”
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Unfortunately, there was a lack of coordination in tracking sighting information into a viable database. We hope to gain James' cooperation for this in the future. However sighting data had been loosely tracked, and the following trends are based on my knowledge of that information.
YEAR – From 1986 to 1992 James had never noticed, or had knowledge of, any NL/UFO activity. He had spent ample time out under the stars during the first couple of years while in the process of developing his property. After his first contact experience in '93 there were approximately 3 more sightings that year. There has been a gradual increase since then, growing considerably higher to the current point. Last year's analysis indicated the overall occurrence rate may even be 200% higher than in the previous studies.
AREA - I would estimate 80% of this activity to be occurring within less then a 10-mile radius of James’ ranch, at an altitude of less than 1500'. Previous studies have never shown such a concentrated localized area. Altitudes were similar in comparison.
MONTHLY - As in previous study data, the months of highest activity appeared to be May through October. During some of these months last year there was activity every night. It slows down considerably in the winter months. It is speculated this may be due to the frigid conditions, preventing casual sky watch activity. However, due to James' determination we have documented events even during these months.
DAILY – During peak months sometimes 4-5 separate events would occur in any one evening.   Occasionally, multiple incidents would also occur simultaneously in a singular event.  This was never noted in previous studies.  As in previous study data the peak hours for activity were in the evening hours between 8-11 PM.
Evening sightings are generally typical in their character as “balls of light” described in Akers' and Long's research. However, there are a few distinct differences we believe are significant to this case.
TYPES – We estimate 80% of evening sightings are large white, definitive spheres of light, that typically appear in the atmosphere at an estimated altitude of 500-1500'.Some have been seen as orange and red. On a couple of occasions a bluish-purplish aura has been seen emanating from the spheres (Ionic propulsion?). There are occasional flukes to these cases such as bar lights, sparkling spheres, and shapeless forms.This is in stark comparison with previous study data, which revealed 31% were definitive spheres, of which 26% where white.
MOTION – Typically they travel in a seeming intelligent, controlled, unpredictable path of flight. Normally they will fly in a slow smooth motion, making wide arc turns as if performing a reconnaissance type operation. They travel in total silence and in many instances ‘flare up', become larger, or pulsate. Their patterns of flight seem to indicate an interest and intent of being around the Self-Mastery Earth Institute. In previous studies Akers noted behavior showing possible awareness, beyond chance, in actions that seemed intent at avoiding documentation. In contrast with this case they seem to "fully cooperate" in being documented.
BEHAVIOR - They have a responsive, sometimes interactive patterns of behavior, sometimes responding to simple CE-5 protocols such as spotlight signaling. They have been seen to react by flaring up and accelerating upon the shouts of witnesses prodding them to do so.   This had been noted on occasion in the previous study as well.  There is a much higher percentage of this in this case.  On several occasions, witnesses had sightings after James knew ahead of time they were near.
VIDEO FOOTAGE  -  James is to be credited with becoming quite the budding   investigator, for it is through his dedicated efforts and determination most of this video footage was filmed (unless otherwise noted). Initially I showed him the virtues of a $300 8mm Sony Night Cam and has been on a roll ever since. We believe this footage is the main key to documenting this cases truth. It's appropriate to mention here that James has turned down a financial offer for the exclusive rights to this footage. Instead, he freely released it to us so we could extract some of the best clips to load up with this article and report. This was so it could be utilized as necessary documentation for this report. He has filmed upward of 10 hours footage of UFO activity with witnesses present. The following are some of the most dynamic clips that show this definitive UFO activity.
VIDEO CLIP DETAILS  –  Brief descriptions are offered here with links to expanded information.  Clips are provided in MPEG or AVI format as indicated.   Video clips do not represent the quality of the original video.  We recommend purchase of video to view maximum details and full effects.
    jetchase.jpg (11076 bytes)JET / UFO CHASE
    This event occurred recently in December of 2000 and was recorded by James from his ranch facing toward Mt. Adams. The clip starts out with the moon as a reference point and slowly pans over toward the mountain. Two other witnesses are also present in the video and can be heard initially speculating if their observation is a UFO. Suddenly a jet appears, vectoring in on the UFO from the left. Even from an estimated distance of approximately 12 miles you can hear the afterburners on the jet while the UFO makes an evasive maneuver. This is interesting because you are able to gain an easy comparison between the jet and UFO. The UFO is obviously many times larger then the jet. Try a 'negative art' imaging on the freeze frame below to view this. You will see the jet on the left and the UFO light on the right. There have been many accounts of this activity. This one is best viewed in AVI format. Set your contrast higher and the brightness down for better clarity.
    Pic00001.jpg (12834 bytes)NLs INTERACT / LAND(Spar Giedeman)
    This is a special piece shot from James' ranch by Spar, on November 28, 2000 at 1:20 A.M. He was facing toward the base of Mt. Adams a little off to the right. One NL can be seen low to the ridge moving back and forth behind the trees. The other seems to be working with it
    further up in the air. A few weeks later, James filmed a landed UFO in the same vicinity that eventually it took flight. A freeze frame enhancement from Spars' clip reveals some startling 'sci-fi' appearing details. It can be seen at
    Gilliland Enhancements.
    ufo_pass_star.jpg (12521 bytes)RADICAL FLIGHT NL
    This footage was shot by James sometime in September of 2000 from his ranch. What is significant about this footage these characteristics firmly eliminate any 'satellite' considerations. This UFO goes from a dim-magnitude / slow-velocity, to a very bright-magnitude / high velocity, as it suddenly takes off into a radical trajectory, passing the star Vega. In this freeze frame you can see the UFO in the lower part, passing Vega in the upper part, just as it kicks in to its radical mode. Is it possible this observation is indicative of an increased corona, caused an engaged propulsion system? A couple of freeze frame enhancements from this clip reveal some very startling details.It can be viewed at Gilliland Enhancements.
    AVI   or    MPEG  
    CE-5 RESPONSIVE NL                                              
    This footage was shot by James sometime in October of 2000. Multiple witnesses can be heard in the background shouting, "light it up!" This clip clearly shows a possible intelligence with a CE-5 response. This type of behavior occurs on a regular basis in a large percentage of these sightings.  Expanded information can be found on our
    CE-5 Response Patterns page.
    FA-15s BUZZ RANCHjets_over.JPG (15659 bytes)
    This footage shows the military interest displayed over James' ranch. The footage shows James panning up from the ground in surprise, to catch these two low flyers coming in from a S.E. direction, to a low flying buzz of approximately 500 feet. Then with afterburners on shooting off into a N.E. direction. Other activity has included low flying black choppers with strange equipment and no markings. This is completely out of the range of any normal flight paths, and the closest military landing strip is well over 60 miles away.


    flameball.jpg (12048 bytes)LUMINOUS “FORMLESS” SPHERE
    This dramatic footage was taken sometime around September of 2000, by a women describing to James she is seeing in an amazed tone. This is a rare class of NLs in this case estimated at approx. 10-15% of the total, compared to 47% in Longs data.


SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTS - James Gilliland was right when he stated there is an    overwhelming degree of evidence in this case. We have selected the most significant accounts to include in our case file at Documentation & Evidence.  The following is a short preview of the best.

  • UFORC ACCOUNT - Christopher Montgomery is the Director of the UFO Resource Center. He wrote an excellent article for Don Eckers' UFO Magazine about the results of his on-site investigation, along with background information on the surrounding area's history. Psi APPLICATIONS is working in tandem with UFORC on this case. Expanded information on UFORCs' investigation can be viewed at UFORC's Gilliland File.


  • EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS - There has been a multitude of eyewitnesses over the years that have experienced the activity at the ranch. Many of these eyewitnesses are highly qualified individuals, that provided very credible reports of their experiences. We have previewed the most significant reports in our case-file at Eyewitness Accounts.  Here are 2 of those accounts.

    One witness is an engineer that also investigates UFOs part time. Her unbiased report is an excellent example of precise investigative protocols. She utilizes a magnitude classification system, cross-referencing anomalous events to a satellite tracking chart, which is available at  Though she is currently involved in a standing controversy, we commend her integrity and truth.
    Another such witness is Michael Miley, a contributing editor for UFO Magazine. As a trained observer he wrote a detailed report that identifies 14 different UFOs witnessed on the evenings of May 24th & 25th, 2000.
  • leaf_sm.jpg (8583 bytes)CE-4 ACCOUNT - For the purposes of our research we classify a CE-4 as any event involving an interaction with UFO occupants. James had a very significant encounter in which he states being hit by a beam of light on his chest, and transported up onto a light spheres. James had a burn mark on his chest as evidence of this. Christopher Montgomery's initial on site field investigation found that leaves toward the top of the Aspen tree, where the craft had been located, were mutated and abnormally large. This was confirmed by a nursery. See expanded information at our CE-4 Encounter page.


  • CE-5 ACCOUNTS - For the purposes of our research, we classify a CE-5 as any event that shows a response to human thought or initiated stimulus. Numerous events have occurred strongly indicating this. In fact this entire case's character is inherit with it. Implications are indicative of an intelligence being in control. We have devoted an independent section in our case-file that is devoted to this research CE-5 Responsive Patterns.   We have included the relevant part of one such testimony where this is displayed:

'...Paul came and stood next to me and perhaps 4 minutes after that    I saw a fast moving high flying object flying in an erratic pattern and varying speeds. I mentioned it and Paul also saw it. Then Gary and James also were watching it. After a minute or more of watching it James said, "Come on now, light up for us." And at that moment the entire object changed size and glowed quite large, emitting a radiant white light with a slight trail...then returned to its original size and speed and then after 10 seconds it just disappeared. The most memorable being the experience of a UFO that morphed shapes, changed size, seemed to communicate with James who signaled with a high intensity light, went in circles, flew long distances away out of sight and then instantly returned and seemed to 'buzz' us through the valley near Mt. Adams as it glowed as a huge golden ball and flew right in front of us and then out of sight at very close range.'
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UFO activity around the Yakima Reservation is well documented as far back as 1958. A conversation with Akers revealed that adjacent areas such as Glenwood and Trout Lake also have experienced this phenomena, only at a much more reduced level.  Long’s study applied an extensive filtering process, taking into consideration both Akers' and Vogel's reports, and a variety of other report sources.  He compiled a worthy database for statistical analysis based on 186 of these reports.  His Yearly Distribution Graph shows a significant flap of increased activity peaking from 1971 to 1982.  Long noted that this flap began to slow down to a decrease in 1978 and slowed to virtually no reports by 1986.
Psi APPLICATIONS has documented the current increase of UFO activity transpiring in the Trout Lake area in and around the vicinity of the Self-Mastery Earth Institute.  This location is 13 miles south of Mt. Adams and approximately 30 miles S.W. of Signal Peak, in the previous flap’s area. This current flap began in 1993 and has continued up into 2000. This is a well-documented increase that appears to be the same “Balls of Light” phenomenon, as occurred within the previous one. A few distinct variables in the data of the current case actually seem to accentuate the previous limited data’s hypothetical implications.
These implications were indicative of an intelligence connection behind the NL’s. The NL’s on many occasions were noted to move with vivid intent performing the mission at hand. Other aspects of the phenomenon are related to incidents of high strangeness such as Bigfoot reports, daylight disks, other strange objects, and CE-2 (physical effects) / CE-3 (entity encounter) reports.   These were also taken into consideration.  A compilation of all this information created such a significant picture that Dr. J. Allen Hynek considered commissioned a 3 year study, conducted by David Akers.
Now enter into this picture James Gilliland, who has undergone a rare NDE experience transformed his life. What makes this a rare case in NDE research was how James went straight into the light of "The Source", or God.  In his transformed life he was clairvoyantly guided to settle at his current location in Trout Lake, Washington.  He had no previous interest in UFO's, and had no knowledge of the adjacent area’s recent UFO flap in the Yakima Reservation.  His first UFO contact occurred 6 years after he settled in to Trout Lake.  It occurred while he was in a deep meditation.  Each year after that has shown an increasing activity to occur.
I find the combination of all these circumstances extremely intriguing.  This is what initially drew my interest to this case.  The following are significant points we recognized through our analysis:
    James’ encounter with “The Source” (God), and being clairvoyantly guided to Mt. Adams, would seem for the specific purpose to connect with the UFO activity that would eventually surface there.  This postulation is bolstered by James lack of interest or knowledge of the areas previous activity, coupled with the cases events occurring some 6 years after he moved in, all indicating a possible plan that was effected by an intelligence related to that Source. If these circumstances prove viable the benevolent nature of these UFO contacts should be seriously considered.
    Contacts started out slowly after his first experience, yet indicate an exponential increase over the next several years, up into the current time.
    Previous research has provided an easy comparative analysis and cross correlations, leading to the high probability both flaps one of the same phenomenon, only in this case appearing more cooperative, in an increased frequency and enhanced fashion.
    Data comparisons between the 2 flaps distinctly shows this 'cooperative' characteristic in the current realm, as the previous study noted what appeared as 'intentional avoidance', with activity relocating or ceasing just as the alerted team would begin to arrive.  This was noted in Acker's study as being well beyond any reasonable 'mean chance expectations' one might consider.  In my opinion this current contrast of character further underscore the phenomenon's intelligent desire to establish contact.
    Intelligence is further displayed through many CE-5 type behavoir responses to initiated external stimuli, as well as projected telepathic thought.
    While all above is strongly suggestive of a possible benevolent intelligence being in control of the phenomenon, there is no conclusive evidence of an ETI connection at this point.  However this does not preclude this intelligence originating from an ethereal or spiritual nature, particularly when considering the nature and characteristics of the phenomenon, James' NDE experience, and the clairvoyant guidance that led to his relocation.



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    GILLILAND N.D.E. - This is a rare case in NDE research, in which an experiencer moves beyond the typical 'crossing or border' (point of no return) that is normally accounted for. 
    POSSIBLE GUIDANCE PURPOSE - Guidance to Mt. Adams may be pre-ordained with intent and planning for the specific purpose of connecting with future UFO activity of a benevolent nature.
    PAST ACTIVITY DOCUMENTATION - Documented studies occurred several years earlier on the Yakima Reservation commissioned by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, which show this current activity to be very closely related, or one of the same.
    DATA IMPLICATIONS - Indications exist of an implied intent, or desire, to be documented in real-time research. There are also strong indications that a possible interaction / communication with a benevolent ethereal intelligence is fully possible.
    CASE RATING - We consider this case to be of highest value, as these ongoing events present a 'real-time' opportunity to conduct research. We believe the previous researchers, including Dr. J. Allen Hynek himself, would consider this a prime 'Gemstone Case'.
    PROJECT CONTACT - Psi APPLICATIONS avails itself of this opportunity and heralds its worth with the advent of it's full case-file being made publicly available. We also propose to further this cause by joining forces with James in a new chapter of Project Contact, the "Mt. Adams Contact Initiative", which will attempt to establish a fully documented contact event. This project is now public knowledge. Updates and status reports will be made available on a regular basis. We are seeking interested qualified individuals for a dedicated team in this dynamic effort. We are also seeking funding for this most noble cause. For further information please contact Steve Moreno at
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While we are all aware a cover-up may exist, is it any wonder when considering what the impact such a revelation would have upon our planet, forever altering the entirety of our existence?  The glass house sheltering the paradigms of all our belief systems, so deeply rooted in the antiquated ways of our past, could possibly become 'shattered' - or is this a misperception?  Is it possible that 'modernized or transformed for better' is a more correct perception?   As a result of all of this, the grassroots investigative community is left with the large task of documenting the phenomenon, sharing its knowledge with an increasing number of people who have a "Right to Know".
This investigative community slices across the whole of humanity.  As such, there is even a small contingent within this community who serve as an arm for the cover-up apparatus, keeping tabs on all that is going on.  The largest part of this community is composed of what might be considered a worldwide investigative grassroots arm, bent on exposing the cover-up, while examining all else in the most objective and unbiased manner they believe possible.  The problem though, is the nature of this phenomenon cannot be fathomed beyond current academic or scientific conventions. In fact, it would seem that there is no such comparison within the realm of human experience, except perhaps that of the "search for God and the meaning of our soul".  This search for truth sits at the heart of all our world's religious faiths.  However, it's here we may encounter a dichotomy.
The core of these religions lock down what we are to accept without question and how to live according to the ways of yester-year.  There is a vast body of research into our ancient religious texts that indicate all of our faiths may be based on the earliest recorded human experiences of the UFO/ETI Phenomenon.  Their best interpretations were put forward within the framework of that day, as they were magically influenced and directed along the way.  And so, in our modern day, we have become sealed by these ancient faiths to where any new benevolent encounters are perceived as a threat, and therefore should never be.
Experiencers of the UFO phenomenon generally tend to fall on either end of the benevolence vs. malevolence spectrum.   Those that experience the malevolent end of the UFO spectrum are handled with kid gloves, ultimate consideration and respect, as we seem more easily able to process a negative without feeling threatened.  Yet experiencers of benevolent cases are handled with much less care. They are usually shunned and disregarded, or firmly discredited through possible counter-intelligence operations, which are selectively effected.  Meanwhile, the 'objective' investigative community seems eager, willing, and ready to accept any kind of proof, confirming that there was never any truth to a particular benevolent UFO experience.
The experiencer in our case is James Gilliland, who never reckoned to deal with any of this mania. His original intent was to share what he had learned from his rare NDE and encounter with "The Source".   During the course of his first UFO encounter, James himself had extreme doubt and reservation, for this was never a part of the spiritual path of training he had been on.   Because he was clairvoyantly guided to move to Mt. Adams, the benevolent connection became quite clear.
James was far from a scientist, academic, or engineer, for he was a spiritual and psychic practitioner and experiencer.  As such, he perceived, interpreted, and related all he experienced in that vein.  He spoke his message straight from his heart, never once taking authority as the Messiah of its source.  Instead, his message spoke of self-empowerment, universal spirituality, unity, and an awakening for all.
Granted, his interpretations and logic may lack a scientific method, but he has made a grand effort, reaching out to communicate a positive message within his cause.  Likewise, he has shown a clear effort to cooperate with those who have an interest, inviting them to come and witness the truth of this UFO activity for themselves.
Still, through all of this, I've witnessed the typical shunning and disregard.  I've observed James' humble eagerness to share all openly and freely, turn into perplexity and despair, as he struggled to understand how any serious investigator could possibly not care.  I have watched James become wiser through this process, and have to agree with his assessment of this affliction within the investigative community. See:"The Ending of an Age in UFO Investigation".
All of the above should be clear, in view of a case with such overwhelming evidence that speaks for itself.  With a pattern of increasing and repeating activity, which surpasses all tests of worthiness ever set, it now stands as a firmly documented Case-File for all to freely see.
In closing, I believe this is an opportunity of which all should avail.  A time to recognize the need for change, too release all roots tapped into antiquated ways  -- to fully open our minds, our intellect, and our hearts in this way -- to begin to develop a true spirit of science, one that will endeavor to openly explore the many new expansive realities which rest firmly on our future's horizon -- to consider all such positive benefits that might be encompassed in such undertakings -- to be willing and ready to form an acknowledgement, acceptance, and possible alliance with advanced benevolent intelligences, aligned with the highest elements of all our world's faiths. They may be here now, indeed, willing to extend an arm of guidance and assistance that could be of benefit to us all.
To Truth & Advancement
Looking Forward......

Steve Moreno

President, Psi APPLICATIONS   * * * * * * * * * *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *    International Director (U.S.A.), UFORCE
Humanity's Right To Know !!


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